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    Giving DCP Reasons for Termination

    First of all, I want to apologize for posting so much within the last while, I just really value everyone’s opinions as providers.

    Over the last few weeks I have been considering terming a DCB I’ve had for the last 4-5 months, & I’ve also been really noticing how his mom (who’s his main caregiver) doesn’t seem to want to be a parent to him so much. She’s away from him any chance she gets, I’m not talking about one of those “mom breaks” we all get & really appreciate, I mean one of those “breaks” where any time she has in her spare time is filled with personal activities away from her family. DCB has been here for 10-11 hours lately when mom only works a max of 5 hours (they’re self-employed & she bragged in the interview that she sets her own hours), & he usually starts getting pretty lonely for mom when his friends go home. I have one that leaves around 3:30-4:00, & then another that leaves around 4:00-4:15, & then he is here until 6pm when I close. I am open at 7am, dad brings him at 7:30am & he’s here right until closing. Usually when she comes she is almost yelling at him to hurry out the door because they’re running late & she has to hurry up & take him home because dad is coming home soon & she has plans for herself that evening. This mom seems very friendly & easy-going & is easy to talk to & get along with, but I just don’t really like how she interacts with DCB & I feel kind of bad for him sometimes when he seems so eager & excited to tell/show her something & she just doesn’t seem to care.

    One time she came 3 minutes after closing because her pedicure appointment ran longer than expected, & I then emailed her afterwards that this I unacceptable & even with late pick up fees applied it still is unacceptable. She of course apologized profusely & brought me a coffee the next time I saw her.

    Then just last Friday she texts me at 4:37pm that she was probably going to be “there right at 6” (that should have been my first clue because how would she know she was going to be here at 6pm on the dot). She mentions that her doctors appointment was scheduled for 4pm & he won’t be able to see her until around 5pm, & she was literally on the other side of the city during rush hour there’s no way she’d make it here on time. She got here at 6:12pm & I was pretty damn irritated that she was late when she was off most of her afternoon & I still had to make dinner for my daughter. This morning the dad during drop off asked if I would be ok with another late pick up, & I honestly thought he was joking for a second & when I saw he wasn’t I said “no, sorry, it wasn’t ok the first or second time”. I guess they thought it was better this time because they asked me instead.

    Behaviourally this little boy himself is a great kid, he LIKES to nap, he’s almost always listening & following the rules he knows are in place, & he’s just an all around great & friendly kid. When I think of terming just because of the parents I’m feeling really guilty about doing so.

    I have already made plans to change my handbook to state that I’m changing my hours from 7:30-5:30, but I’m not sure if I want to keep this family on at this point. Do I include a reason why in the notice? If I say it’s due to a couple late pick ups already they’ll wonder why I didn’t give them notice right when it happened the second time. This will probably come as a big shock for them because as far as they know everything’s been going great.

    I haven’t been actively searching for a new family that much until last Friday. I was keeping my ears & eyes open for a new family that seems would be fine to work with, but none were a good match. Until last Friday when the second late pick up happened I didn’t have any ads up.
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    Well, there are wayyyy worse families to be working with, especially if the child is great. Sadly not all people are meant to be parents. Not all people know how to bond, related and love kids. Some people are better parents when they spend less time with their kids.

    What I would do is change your hours. It really sucks to work an extra hour or 1.5hrs with just one child, every day. Are all other kids always gone before 5pm? I would make 5pm the closing time. If this one family doesnt NEED care until 6pm then it isnt a real life burden for you to change. The mom will think it is, and will likely tell you it is. Because it will alter her personal time. BUT, she isnt going to lose her job because of it.

    It is then up to them to accept it or decide personal time is more important and move elsewhere. I have worked in centres, where despite being open much longer children are NOT allowed in care more than 10hrs a day. Because, there will always be these families.

    You also need to firm up your late policy. No late fees. Late fees mean you are giving an option of longer care, it just costs more. Start fresh, new hours, new late policy...3 strikes and care ends that day, then and there. All belongings are packed up at 5pm that 3rd day and sent home with child with written notice they will not be accepted the next day. Make ALL of that explicitly written and sign on when you make the changes.

    Best of luck

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    Thank you Lee-Bee. All of the other children are gone by 4:30, I’ve only ever had one DCC (besides DCB) here until 5:30 just only ONE time & I was informed a week in advance that this would be so. Before DCB started 4 months ago, I had never had any children passed 5:15. Now I’m lucky if he’s gone by 5pm, & these are usually only because mom has earlier evening plans & needs him home before his usual pick up time.

    Just today she actually picked him up at 4:15, but her mood definitely seemed off so I’m hoping that she finally got the hint that coming late is unacceptable. When she picked up late last Friday it was obvious I was peeved.

    As for the no late fees thing, I don’t see that working for me. I will definitely use your tip to add the 3 strikes & you’re out type thing, but will still keep my late fees in place so even if someone is late picking up only ever 1 time I’m still not completely in a loss. I charge $10 if picked up within the first 10 minutes after closing time, & every 1 minute after that is $2 per minute. So the day she picked up at 6:12pm she incurred $14 in just late pick up fees & to her this wasn’t enough to deter her from picking up late.

    When I update my handbook to include new policy changes I will include a private email to her that since she’s already picked up late TWICE, anymore late pick ups will result in an immediate termination.

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