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    New Babied DCG Not a Good Fit?

    **This new DCG is currently filling the spot of my previous DCG who was only here for a few months temporarily.

    Iíve been in business as a HDP for almost a year. Before this Iíve had quite a bit of experience working with all ages of children so Iím familiar with strategies & different styles of parenting, but this home daycare stuff is still new to me & I find each month Iím encountering issues I donít know how to deal with in a HDC setting.

    Iíve recently had a 22 month old girl start in my care & today is only her second day. Usually it is difficult for most children when they first begin, but this case is different. I am questioning how well of a fit I am for her, & how well of a fit she is for my DCKís.

    Currently she is still drinking a bottle or two on demand during the day & she also has a blankie that she carries around with her 24/7 (just not outside), & I made it very clear right from the get-go that I wonít allow this. Also, when she naps she brings her bottle in the bed with her & I told them I would allow ONE bottle to have at the table when she is finished her lunch before she heads to bed. Right in the interview I had discussed with her parents that she would need to be slowly weaned & the reasons why (Iím sure you all know why no need to further explain) & that for her best interests to make the transition not so hard on her. I can clearly tell that theyíve done nothing in terms of weaning.

    Itís been only 2 days & just from the last 2 days I can already feel like this wonít be a good fit because I can see that itís the parents that donít want to let go of these attachments that she has. When having her bottle I noticed that for 10 minutes she sat there with it in her mouth & didnít drink anything within that 10 minutes, which clearly means that she doesnít need it at all. Also during drop off she comes right in with a bottle in her hand & her blankie in her hand after Iíve explained to mom that sheís to have them put away BEFORE coming inside because I donít allow children to have bottles on demand that donít need them. As soon as theyíre put away she cries, & cries non stop.

    Yesterday & today she cried on & off at the drop of the hat over anything & everything. I explained to mom the events of the day & informed me that she is like that at home too & cries all day at home too. This little girl shows NO initiative to do anything, she wonít reach for her spoon herself, she wonít even attempt to put her shoes on (I donít expect them to know how at this age, but I do like to see them at least TRY). During the few interactions Iíve had with the parents theyíve carried her around everywhere & didnít let the girl walk at all one step. During pick up today mom mentioned that ďsheís just a baby, sheíll learn how to part with them (blankie & bottle) eventuallyĒ.

    During drop off today mom carried her from the car with blanket & bottle in hand, came inside while carrying her & took off both of their shoes with DCG still in her arms, & walked over to my couch, put her down, & handed her bottle & blankie to her & says ďhere you can have your blankie & bottle on the couchĒ. I was instantly pissed because I told her flat out the day before I donít allow bottles away from the table & the blankie is to be put away as soon as she came in. So of course all day this poor girl is crying for them & walking around for her blankie & bottle. Sheís a very good mapper, but the second she wakes up & realizes sheís got to part with her blankie sheís in tears & everyone wakes up from nap confused & grumpy because of her crying over her blankie.

    My other DCKís are already being affected by her constant crying & my usually calm DCB was instantly in tears & thrown off when he came in because her crying was throwing off everyoneís mood.

    The attachments to the items I could & can eventually handle with & Iím sure she would get used to the way things are here since kids are very resilient. Iím just questioning on whether or not I want to work with a family that is babying their perfectly abled child & already on the second day she is intentionally going against my rules in my presence & making (what feels like) passive-aggressive jabs.

    I should also add that sheís been in a home daycare since she was 9 months, but this home daycare wasnít a very experienced or established one & allowed these things in the home, so my rules are very different for them. They allowed bottles on demand, & allowed her to carry her blankie around 24/7.
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