Hi all,

I just started my daycare, and everything is going okay. But I am struggling with a few things....

1. How to manage family life with the daycare.
My daycare is open for 12 hours, and then after that I have to clean up, dishes, vacuum, mop, etc. when the kids leave. I am finding myself feeling burnt out. Then cooking dinner for my family and taking care of their needs, taking care of the pets, etc. I feel I have no energy and that there is never enough hours in the day. It doesn't help that none of the kids in my care even nap, or if they do its all at different times so I feel I never get a break.

2. How to deal with picky eaters! Any easy recipes, quick recipes, snacks, healthy stuff that kids will eat. Please let me know some of your go to meals. I cook all vegetarian. If the kids aren't eating, I find myself serving different things to different kids just to get them to eat.

3. Any tips on how to cut back on work overall? Make things easier for myself. Do you prepare things on the weekends?

4. Figuring out activities to keep all the kids entertained. It's really difficult with the infants to do drawing, painting, etc. And sometimes the kids will tell me they don't want to do the activity anymore after just 2 minutes.
What kind of activities can you do for all ages?

Thanks everyone, that's all for now

Appreciate the help so much