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    Emptying Drinks on My Driveway

    I have a family that for the third time this month has been emptying their soft drinks (the carbonated kind) on my driveway & it’s really starting to get on my nerves & I'm wondering if/how I should bring it up.

    A few weeks ago I noticed that a specific family had dumped their drink on my driveway (I know it was this family because that day I only had 2 DCK’s that day & one of them left very early & we were outside when that DCK was picked up & there was nothing on the driveway). By the time I had noticed it, it had already had time to settle into the cement & the carbonation from that eroded away the top layer of cement & now my driveway has a large very noticeable mark on it from where the cement has been eroded. I had sprayed it down as best as I could but the damage had been done already so there wasn’t much I could do. I was very peeved but I never said anything as I understand things/accidents happen.

    The second time it happened a week later & at that point I was starting to think it wasn’t an accident because the second one was in the same area as the first time & it would’ve come from the drivers window/door. This time it happened I noticed when we had come outside with the children in the morning to go outside & there were wasps & bugs surrounding the spot & I was fuming. Again, I wondered if I should say something. I have spoken with my husband & someone else I’m close with to seek advice on if it would be too much of me to bring it up to this family because “it’s just a driveway”.

    This morning I noticed it AGAIN. I’ve also noticed a pattern, that it’s a DCK’s dad that is doing it. At this point I’m getting very irritated for the lack of regard & consideration for my property. Now there are 3 large very NOTICEABLE spots on my driveway where the cement has been clearly eroded off. Each time it was never mentioned to me that there was an accidental spill that required cleaning. I’m sure there are products I could buy & add to the driveway to fix the marks?

    Should I address this? If so, how would I go about it? I don’t want to make a big deal out of something that is nothing which is why I haven’t said anything yet because I don’t want to ruffle any feathers over something that is minor.
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    Oh my lord, I would totally say something. At its simplest form, it’s like littering on your property, which is disrespectful.
    But on a larger level, your property is your liability, so if another parent or child happens to slip and hurt themselves on this liquid, that’s now your issue to deal with. The same goes with the bees swarming the pop, it creates more opportunities for children to be stung.
    And of course lastly, it has damaged your driveway.
    If I saw that happen on my driveway, I’d hand the parent a hose or a scrubbing brush and a pail, and tell them to clean it up.

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    I would say something to anyone who was damaging my property - let alone repeatedly doing it.

    Speak directly to him and don't tiptoe around the issue. Say it straight so he's under no illusion "Stop pouring your drinks on my drive. It's marked the surface every time and I'm fed up spending my time and money trying to remove stains that should not have been put there."

    If you can't do that - do you have a client group or monthly newletter for general news? Put a paragraph in there,

    "Please stop pouring drinks onto my drive. There are three distinctive patches now from whoever is doing it at pick up times. I've spent money on specialist products trying to remove the stains and my time and effort but these stains are not lifting. You have managed to drive to my house without the drink being an issue in your car - you can make it home and tip it onto your own driveway or into your sink rather than damaging mine. Your co-operation is expected and appriciated."

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