Hi everyone,

Not sure where to post this, but i have been having issues with my daycare business and clients not paying, or constantly delaying payments. A couple parents have gotten up to 2 weeks behind in payment. Another likes to pretend that I don't charge vacation days, or sick days, and takes payment off themselves for those days. Past clients I've had to terminate are still owing payment. I am always a very nice person and find it hard to be firm with people about these types of things. For example, like not allowing them in unless they have payment ready.

I constantly feel that the parents are taking advantage of my kindness. It is sucking the joy out of running the daycare wondering whether or not ill even be paid for the work I'm doing taking care of their child. Because honestly, most times I'm seeing I'm not getting paid!

Is it unreasonable to close the daycare down, and start over fresh with new clients? Maybe make new pay rules and accept no one that asks for biweekly payments? Only do upfront? What is your tolerance level for this type of stuff? How do you strongly enforce your rules? I'm very unhappy with all my current clients and tired of chasing parents around for payments. It is causing a lot of undue stress.

How would you approach this situation?