I need some advice, please as I am still fairly new at having a family daycare. I have a 2 y.o girl (named K) who has been with me for 3 months, 4 days /week but I am not sure if it the right fit. She is very fast, strong-willed and is still learning to share...but that means she rips out every toy from other children's hands, always needs the same swing, the same ride-on that the other child (2.5 y. o named T) is trying to get on...then they scream at each other, lately they started to push each other. I have tried to redirect, buy multiple of many things, talk about sharing, taking turns during circle time, books, let them work it out (of course, only until it's safe) etc. but I am at a loss. Especially because my son (who is 3.5 y. o) likes to intervene and protect T, but he does this by pushing and hitting. He also does this when he is angry.
So I have a couple of problems, I understand that they are still learning the concept of sharing but is that normal that they fight every single time?? The minute K sees T heading for a toy\ to the swing, K runs and they get there just about the same time. The second one is the aggressive behaviour. Of course, I never use this in my daycare or my own children, but these girls push each other and my son hits and pushes. I have tried to talk to them at eye level, explained behaviour is NOT tolerated, lead by example, show correct behaviour, take a deep breath, books, even time outs (as last resort).
I need recommendations, please.
thank you