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    Child trips and falls a LOT

    I have a 2.5 year old dcg who falls almost every second day. I document it, and she pretty much fills up my incident book. It is becoming worrisome now. She is heavier built (chubby) than the others so she falls more, plus we know toddlers run and fall a lot, even though I constantly remind everyone to walk. I can't wait for her to wear winter gear
    Any recommendations?

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    The build is unlike to be connected and totally irrelevant. She's just one of those kids. Had a few over the years.

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    I have a child who falls 50-100 times a day, and I am very concerned. He doesn’t usually hurt himself but trips on everything and has poor balance standing still or on uneven surfaces.
    If you are concerned, you could make suggestions to have vision checked, ENT to assess vestibular system, and OT referral to evaluate motor skills and proprioception.
    Falling once a day doesn’t seem that extreme, but worth mentioning if the child has daily injuries.

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