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    Hello and a question

    Hello, My name is Sarah and i am opening a new daycare on Wednesday. I already have a little girl who is ready to start. However, she is on a vegan diet with no dairy or any other animal products/by products. She also has anaphylaxis to Sesame seeds. My family and children literally are not allergic to anything. Im open to learning all about new ways of making food in this manner. Her parents have written a few things down, but was wondering if anyone has some input or recipes or advice for me.

    Thank you

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    Special diets = parents provide food.
    Tuition payment stays the same.

    I don't have time to be a restaurant. If they can't eat what I am serving then parents must provide their child's food.

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    Same as BlueRose. Parnets need to provide food if they have dietary requirements regardless of if they are medical or life choice based. No fee reduction.

    I had one child who had a lot of severe allergies and never again.

    I had to wipe hands and faces of every arrival because I couldn't trust none of his triggers had been eaten by other children for breakfast.

    He had to eat at a different table.

    All children had to remain in their seats until hands and faces washed, floors cleaned, tables wiped.

    His dish and cutlery had to be washed in the clean water first and dried and put away in a sealed baggie to ensure they they didn't come into contact with his allergens. Even putting his plate into the dish water after the others was too big a risk for trace elements to be on his plate.

    Because he had a contact allergy, it meant we had to eleminate his allergens from our home. Which wasn't fair because this is both a home and a business. It's different when it's a business only premises.

    If we went to the park, I had to watch for granola wrappers or other food wrappers on the ground and I had to wipe the handrails with lysol wipes in case someone had his allergens on their hands and touched the handrails.

    Never, ever again will I take a child with anaphylaxis. You should check your insurance too because the liability is massive and likely you will have to pay an increased premium since it's such high risk.

    Even without the allegy, I would not be making consessions to his meals. Vegan is a life choice. And while I respect that is the choice anyone is free to make, they don't get to make it on my dime. I am not cooking and planning for two meals - one vegan and one non-vegan.

    Where do you plan on drawing the line ? What will you do if you end up with a Vegan, a Vegetarian, Belief-based diets (Kosher diet for Jewish beliefs, Halal for Islamic dietary laws), then another child who is Gluton-Free or Wheat Free which are not the same?

    Seriously you can end up spending hours a week planning and cooking bespoke meals if you aren't careful.

    Stick to providing one meal for all. Client's who have specialist requirements bring their own food. No, you will not publish the menu so they can pick and choose which days food comes from home. Either they eat food provided by you or they bring their own food - all or nothing.

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