I started caring for a 10 month old baby girl. I also have a 9 month old and a 22 month old of my own. This poor little girl cried all day and I mean cried all day. She was quiet when i took her and my own children for a walk and she was quiet when i out her in a swing. But, apart from that, she screamed bloody murder. My own children were crying cause she wouldn’t stop. Its her first time away from her mom ever and she was feeling it. I did everything possible to make her feel at home, but nothing worked. Not only do i feel like a failure to her, I feel like a failure to my own kids. I did tell the parent that her child was very upset, but she is going back to school and was having her own stressful situation. I didn’t make much of a deal to her as she was tired.Has anyone had experience with non stop crying kids?? Does anyone have some advice or success stories? Please help! Im scared for tomorrow to be a repeat!!