After providing care for over 20 years to infant and toddler group, I have decided to start a before and after school program for the older kids, it sort of happened on it's own as all my daycare kids grew up and started school. I'm finding this a welcomed change from diapers and crying fits!
Right now I have 8 full time kids at school, I am a licensed family daycare. The only problem I'm seeing is now that school started, that 1-2 hours after school can be a challenge when I run out of ideas for these kids! And I can see that happening soon!
That's why I'm here, I would so appreciate any advice or ideas for activities, games etc... from anyone that's also doing before and after school care.
I find the morning quite easy as we don't have too much time before drop off... but after school if it's raining outside it can be kinda crazy, my usual routine is a healthy snack, which they always look forward to, and then homework or worksheets that I have for them and then free play... outside but when inside I can't have that, they need more direction so usually I have something planned for them.
Any ideas are welcomed!