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Thread: Which agency

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    Which agency

    I will have my baby this month so I will be in maternity leave till next November. After that I am planning to open a home daycare. I have one more 5yrs old child. I live in Woodbridge, Ontario.
    My questions are:
    1. With which agency to sign WeeWatch, Hopscoth, York Professional Care & Education?
    2. I want to renovate my basement so do I have to call them earlier to come and check the basement and to give me some suggestions or when we are done with renovation?
    3. Do all agency pay the same?
    4. My basement doesn't have a big window and a door to the backyard but there is a washroom and eventually we want to make a kitchen. Is the window/door a problem?
    5. Do you have vacation/benefits/sick days with the agency?
    Thank you in advance for all replies but all posts that I checked are old.
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    All agencies are differnent.
    they have there own set of rules over and above the MOE rules.
    3) They all pay different rates.

    1) I have heard NOTHING but bad things about WeeWatch. I have never heard of the others.

    Call up each agency, set up an interview. See which one if any are right for you.

    4) Agency will NOT allow basement daycares unless there is a 2nd exit (a window you can all climb out of, or a door to the outside.)

    5) you are still self-employyed. There are NO sick days, vacation is iffy (clients must not need alternate care when you are off). since you are NOT the agencies employee, they give you benifits, you have to deduct your taxes from what they pay you. Most will even make you get your own insurance.

    they can not guarantee you clients

    You don't have to go with an agency. You can offer care privately.
    Interview as many agencies that will meet with you. ask lots of question, including how to get out of their contract if you are not happy with them. Can you have private daycare children? They could end up being the best thing you did with our business or the worest thing for your business. so make sure you do lots of reseach before joining.

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