Hi, we are 2 families with total 3 kids studying at the David Lewis Public School at Ontario.

They are:

- Grade 8 girl
- Grade 4 boy
- JK girl

Subject: All

Tutorial sessions will be 1:1 basis. We can hire 3 different tutors or 1 tutor to handle all 3 kids if he/she can do that.

Minimum hours is 3 times/ week, 1.5-2hrs / day. If tutor have time, we can do 6-7days / week. All are flexible. We are families with extremely busy parents.

For the girl in Junior Kindergarten, it is much preferred if you can pick her up at school and stay with her for longer hours. Details logistics can be discussed.


* Provide tutorial to students at the residence to provide academic support.
* Motivate students to learn.
* Make sure they completed all assignments from school.
* For JK girl, through playing and staying together with her to teach her a better behavior.


* An Undergraduate or Graduate degree.
* Experience tutoring.
* Patient, kind hearted, love kids

Hours of Work: Negotiable

* Monday Friday, 3:30pm -7:30pm
* Saturday, Sunday, 1pm - 4pm

$18/ hrs, will increase to $24/ hrs after 2 months probation