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    Basement - Daycare

    Hi everyone. I live in Scarborough , ON and plan to open a home daycare. Looking City of Toronto's website I was able to list a few agencies in my area. I have communicated my interest to Family Day Care and Circles in the Sun and currently waiting for their response.

    I plan to setup my daycare in my finished basement which has 2 separate entrances and was looking for some advise:
    • Am I allowed to open a licensed daycare in a basement?
    • Can anyone list a few more agencies in my area? I am in the middle of Kennedy/ Eglinton and Kennedy/St. Clair intersection.
    • I am an RECE working at a Montessori School with 4 years of experience. How much should I expect to be paid per hour?

      Thank You in advance

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    Anyone please ??

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    I have no idea- have you called the city or emailed them?

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    If your space is suitable, then perhaps

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    Well, this is unexpected.
    It sounds really gripping
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    In general, this is a very interesting idea! It's just that there are really not enough free places in kindergartens now, and if there was such a place with interesting toys I would enrol my children there. The most important thing for me is how my children will spend their time. They don't have enough activities at home, they have nowhere to put their energy, so I would like them to do it in the kindergarten. For example, I recently found a website of the company goodevas, which presents a large number of children's products. All of them are just needed so that children can release all their energy. The site presents rope ladders, gymnastic rings, and wooden houses, which I think is the dream of every child. Therefore, if there were such interesting things in kindergarten, I would definitely give my child away.

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