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    Looking for advice on opening a home daycare

    Ottawa area:

    So I’m considering opening an unlicensed home daycare

    I’m not an ECE, but have years of experience nannying (both full and part time), have supplied in a licensed Ontario daycare, have most of a teaching degree, am bilingual.

    I left the childcare field about five years ago (having considered becoming an ECE because I was concerned about being able to financially support myself).

    Is that enough experience to make this work on a business level? Do I 100% need an ECE in order to attract clients? I qualify for the accelerated/condensed program but that involves needing care for my own child and the money isn’t there.

    I have one child of my own at home (a toddler). We are also renters, so concerns on affording a big enough rental in Ottawa to actually run a home daycare?

    Thoughts? Any advice you wish you’d have been given starting out??
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    You do not need to be an ece. And also you do not need to have a big or large place.

    Being a renter has its own benefits (ie. Being able to move or stablish your business where there is high demand for childcare;0) I have seen homedaycares operated in apartments (triplex), you do not need a back yard etc. Just make sure you're located on a msin floor if posible and close to parks or open areas where you and your group can visit daily (outdoors is a must in childcare but also depends on weather conditions).

    You do have already good experience in the field. What I can suggest you to do is contact the www.ccprn.com (childcare providers network), they will guide you absolutely in all the ins and outs of the business. CCPRN Also offers workshops to guide and support you through the process.

    You can open an unlicensed homedaycare taking care of children up to 5 children (including yours because he counts in your ratio) or up to 6 children (licensed also including yours), start with becoming familiar with the regulations.
    What most parents look for are: first aid cpr training, police clearance, references, experience, and your program or philosophy in regards of raising children.

    By being independent you can stablish (based on your area) you own rates.

    Currently, Licensing has two modalities
    1. Able to still be independent but work with the guidance and supervision of an agency (some are free of charge some have a fee)

    2. Only agencies have access to subsidies, but they are able to offer your spot openings to their clients (their rates to caregivers or providers are lower than the private rates)but, this support also can help to start up.

    To stablish a general idea on rates and demand red the ccprn website it has all that inf. To guide you.

    I personally recommend ccprn for all you inf. Request needs.

    Good luck.

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