Hi there! I'm the owner of AABB Homecare Services Ltd . We are a specialty child care company that focuses on special needs children, located on Vancouver Island in BC. I am working with Worksafe BC (provincial injury claims) to develop a risk assessment about injuries and risks workers face when supporting with children with behaviours. Normally with think alot about "the other way around" (protecting children from worker violence) or child-to-child violence, and so I cant find a lot of stats on violence committed by children towards workers. As a special needs parent myself, I dont like to think of behaviours as intentional violence, but I've been assured according to the Act in BC, it meets the definition. Therefore now as an employer I need to be conscious as to how to properly protect my workers while we support these vulnerable kids.

Does anyone have any links they can share on stats of reports of violence against workers in the daycare setting?

Many thanks to this forum for all you do, from this special needs parent turned childcare company operator!
Michelle Boshard
Director, AABB Homecare Services Ltd.