My newest member to my family daycare is a 30 month old girl, really sweet little one, have not had a child that young in a long time, I do before and after school care, and I also have another girl 4 years old.

We are doing gradual entry with her, it's been 2 weeks she comes every other morning for about 3-4 hours, so far every morning has been the same, the mom drops off and she starts screaming and crying until she cries herself asleep about half an hour later.
She sleeps about an hour, then when she wakes up, there's no more crying but she won't leave my kitchen area, which is where my entrance door is, so she wants to be close to the door.

Any ideas of how to get her to gradually join us in the play area? I have tried everything but maybe someone with the same experience will give me some guidance because I'm tired of sitting in my kitchen! Also the other girl in my care,I want to play and join in with her activities, and I refuse to bring everything into my eating area, because then I will be giving the younger child power over the whole situation.

Any advice would be much appreciated!!