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    Lightbulb Biggest challenges! Learning from experts! :)

    Hi all,

    I am about to open my daycare because I love children and I want to be my own boss

    But first, I would love to learn from you: What are the biggest challenges you face as a daycare owner? ( Find parents? Let parents trust you as non-registered daycare? Taxes? Furniture? )

    I just want to be prepared and learn from the best!
    Thank you!

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    In my opinion... the kids are the easy part!!! It’s the parents that add an interesting dynamic.

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    hmm.. interesting you said that! I always had a great time with kids but I never thought too much about issues while dealing with the parents. Are there any challenges in particular (like payment) ?

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    Honesty one of the biggest challenges is finding work/life balance. Most of us work long hours, and then I have another 12-15 hours a week that goes into the business after work and on weekends.
    If you can limit your working hours, to about 9 hours a day, you will feel like you still have a life. I used to do 10 hour days, and it sent me into absolute burnout after 4 years. Scaling back the hours was the best choice for me( I also have my own 2 kids, so you need to have time/energy available for them after work too)
    The next issue is getting parents to follow the contract. I always find they push the limits on illness policies, and picking up their kids on time.
    The last one, is getting parents of children with developmental delays to acknowledge that their child may have concerns, and seeking out the appropriate resources to get the child some assistance.
    It’s not an easy job, so kudos for showing interest. Good luck!

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    I agree with both of the above, parents are one of my biggest challenges. To pay on time, to bring their children with all the gear they require, to help parent when there is an issue. The list goes on and on. Work life balance is also difficult, because you have extra cleaning, tidying and lots of extra stuff in your house after the children go home. As long as you have a good contract and know what you're looking for in families, it really isnt too difficult.

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    Thank you Busy ECE mommy and JARS! I never thought about those concerns before! It is always good to be prepared and you are helping me with those insights! So thank you! However, I will not give up!

    I will need to find a work/life balance when I start. Probably doing something outdoors with adults! lol

    Dealing with parents might not be easy! Regarding payment, I thought they would pay in advance (cash or transfer). Have to remind them to pay in time looks really annoying. Having the contract in place was suppose to help but I will the one chasing them to follow the contract.

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