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    Need to vacate 2 spots - Which kids do I let go?

    I have in my policy that if at any time I need one or more spots vacated so that I can care for my own family, that I will give families 4+ weeks notice (basically as much notice as I know). I have come up with this issue because my 2 nephews will need care in September. I am trying to balance pros and cons of which kids to keep and it is really difficult! I have 4 full time kids, and 5 part time kids. Do I keep the kids who have been with me the longest? Who I know the families the best? I'm having a hard time deciding. If I keep one part time kid, it makes sense to keep the other as well because it makes a full time spot.

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    I generally give priority to the longer term families, but if you have that many part timers, I would get rid of them first, and fill the full time spaces. Just my 2 cents, as I find it always happens that a part timer leaves and the other half of the spot is left sitting open for lengthy periods.

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    I would look long term at ages of children and when they are all going to school. You donít want to have to many spots to fill at the same time.

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    @CLS the oldest won't be going to school for 2 years, and I suspect a couple will leave by then because their parents want to have another baby.

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