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    How are you handling Covid-19? Stay open? Or Close?

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering what other Home Daycares are doing with the Covid-19 pandemic? Are you closing or staying open? If you close are you refunding for fees paid?

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    Starting to feel at home...
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    Another thread just reported that home daycares can stay open. So I"m open as long as we're all feeling healthy and no symptoms of the virus. I sent one child home yesterday who was coughing the day before and his mom said he was coughing at night.

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    Iíve decided to stay open as well, as long as everyone is healthy and I am able to. Really taking it day by day. I

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    I am staying open as well for now. I am being really strict with sick policy and keeping things as cleans as possible.
    So, because I am open, parents have to pay whether the child comes or not. So far I have 1 family staying home until April 5 and I feel bad to tell them they have to pay, but also, I am open and holding that spot. Tricky situation none of us have had to deal with before!
    One of my reasons for staying open at this point is my parents are still working (from home or going in). I figure I will stay open until the govt mandates closures
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    I am at home

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    At home too So tired!!!

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    I am staying open

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