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    Covid 19 financial help (Ontario)

    Hello All. We have just shut down our in home day care for the safety and protection of everyone involved. Question is, does anyone have any idea on financial aid available for childcares closing down because of covid19? We are not registered as a full day care as we did not wish to deal with the extras. We keep our number low and do our taxes as a childcare so it is not an under the table job either. We are in a very bad financial situation so any suggestions/directions will be appreciated. Wishing everyone the best. Keep safe!

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    Details haven’t been clarified by Ford yet.
    Apparently there may be money for people who don’t normally qualify for EI, but it was very vague.
    No guarantees on anything or how long it might take to see it.
    I’m not counting on anything.

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    On another thread the Ministry has said that the closure does NOT apply to home daycares, so I technically you can stay open. That being said, I would like to know if there's financial assistance for us in case we get the virus.

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    Hey all. Hope you are safe. We decided to close the daycare. We have applied today for the CERB. After applying I started to wonder if we are considered to be covered. We closed for obvious safety concerns as well as protecting our own children who have multiple underlying issues. Have you applied for CERB? or are you thinking as a independent home daycare that your not covered? Ty

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    I got the CERB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fearlessbaby View Post
    I got the CERB.
    Just wondering if daycares that are still open with lost income are eligible for this benefit? Are you open?

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    Hey all, I haven't found clear info on whether or not private home daycares were actually eligible for cerb. Even though I did close due to fear of spreading/contracting covid, the government didn't force me to. Next year at tax time they may be asking us to repay it back unfortunately. If anyone has more clarity please share. Tx

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    At the beginning of the quarantine, I also had big problems with finances and for a long time, I was looking for a good job for myself to cover all the expenses of the family. I was lucky to find a good job in my speciality.

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