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Thread: Are you closing

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    Are you closing

    Looking for whether you are closing during this time and if you are still charging the parents. I am on the fence, all my parents are home and most are getting paid, so is it selfish to ask to still be paid, HELP!

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    So far, I’m staying open with lots of cleaning and hand washing. We only have 5 or less children so it isn’t big groups. If a parent doesn’t want to bring their child, which is the case for one family I have. they pay anyway because I’m open. Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for you reply CLS....There is lots circulating that we shouldn't charge under the circumstances and now they are saying that people should not even visit family...they should STAY HOME...I'M CONFUSED!!! We have NO IDEA where the parents and siblings are going or have been....One of my families is taking their other child for play dates with his friend...ugh

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