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    Interviewing during Covid-19 crisis

    Anyone have any daycare spot inquiries coming in for future spots?

    I've gotten a few recently with the question if I'm still conducting interviews/tours during this time for summer/fall spots, how to go about it. It's a positive thing amidst all this uncertainty I suppose.
    Now I question my the non-refundable deposit clause .... if covid causes the end of me, how to make sure they get their deposit back. Or how to protect myself when I eventually re-open but client still too nervous to join etc. Things to ponder. Tx

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    I think trying to do interviews during this time is risky and I'm sure families understand that. But, life has to still go on.

    In regards of interviews I think now with all the technological devices we have, maybe you can do virtual interviews and also virtual daycare visit showings. Or take pictures and describe them, you can make like a package to also show your curriculum etc. I'm pretty sure families actually will value the precautions you take in this kind of situation.

    In regards of deposits also, this is an unchartered situation. I can see you're very truthful when facing the reality of our current situation. Actuality I'm surprised because in many groups I read caregivers speaking like they and their family are the exception and won't be touched by this virus.

    Anyway, as this situation is special I think you can make few exceptions. Like asking for a half deposit or postdated cheque or a certified cheque (I'm sure you can ask that in the bank) on trust so, it gets deposited as soon as you start your service (and also always keep a waiting list so, you can rely on your list when you have any change in your group;0)

    Same as you, I have always thought that I'm not inmortal and the least thing I want my family to go through (during those painful days) is dealing with my finances or returning money etc.

    When I tell this to parents during my interviews they have a very clear idea that my services aren't just for MONEY of finantial gain. It involves much more than that, and part of it is mutual TRUST and fairness. They trust me with their most precious being and I trust them for paying my services for protecting and loving that little being.

    And O have read about caregivers that ask for deposits (non refundable) and don't show any hardship if a family goes through a hard situacion. Or those ones that have spent that DEPOSIT way before their client has started (I'm sure money in hand is tempting) but allowing yourself to be in control feels much better.

    My families know that I only get paid when I ve done my job it's kind of my personal discipline. It allows me to sleep well;0)

    In regard of protecting yourself. Now that you have the time start reading get as much information. I think we are in the same situation so, I have been installing extra hand sanitizer dispensers, handwashing stations outside and inside, extra handy face cloths. Disinfectants in each room etc. Light wipe up dish soap and water when I'm still working with the kids and strong disinfectant sprayers at the end of the day when everyone is gone.
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    I think it is a difficult situation! Take care of yourself!

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