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    Reducing number of kids: Who do I let go?

    In my contract, I state that I reserve the right to vacate spots in order "to care for my own family". This is stated relatively vaguely, in order to accommodate reducing numbers when i eventually have my own baby, or to look after children in my family (my own future children/nephews/nieces/brothers/sisters). I did not state how I would choose which kids would be asked to leave. I used to look after my nephew, until my second nephew was born, and now I want to look after both nephews again now that they need daycare. How do I pick which kids keep? Part time? Full time? Longest attending kids? Best parent-provider relationship? Easiest kid?

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    I find this very distasteful and unprofessional. It's one thing to have to reduce day care children because YOU have a new baby but to care for your nephews, I think that's really bad. Why wouldn't you just tell your family member that you don't have 2 spaces currently?

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    @Suzie_Homemaker, I'm a little offended that you've called me names. It is what is best for me and my family - perhaps you do not have the same type of relationship with your family as I do, or perhaps it is not how you would choose to do things, but this is what is best for my family. Furthermore, I have expressed thoroughly to all my daycare families what my priorities are, and they have chosen to come to me. The question was, how do I choose which person to let go, as I have expressed I am having a difficult time knowing how to choose, not whether or not you believe my practice is distasteful.

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