Hi everyone,

I love reading all the posts. Thanks for all the advise!

I am a new home daycare provider, I got my licensed in Feb, and now it has the virus so I only have 2 children with me here. Opening my own daycare was always my dream, but until I opened I found out it is a lot for me, both physically and mentally...

I have my own kid with me, he is very clingy, and emotional, doesn't want to share his toys with other children, but sometimes he is good and helpful. But I realized after I am done with the day, I don't want to talk and play with him anymore. And my mental health is worse because of all the crying hitting shouting from the daycare.

Lately my back problem is getting worse because of all the holding carrying, diaper changing...

I am guilty because I opened only 2 months, and this feeling is creeping me most of the time. It was my dream, but why now I don't like it anymore!?

Anyone experiencing this? What should I do?