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    Thinking of closing my door in a year

    I have read some posts saying people are closing their daycare within a year. I am wondering how long would be the time period that you can decide that you are not in this field anymore?

    I have worked in centers for about two years, I thought I would love to open my own daycare, and this was my dream. So finally I opened one in the beginning of this year. But everything just not as i thought. I am very helpless by working by myself with my 3 years old son with me. I always heard previous daycare owners said being home working alone is not a good thing, but I thought I can make it because I love being my own boss. So now has been 6 months, I became a impatient ece and mom because of all these... I am burnt out! Even tho I have good parents and children, I am still feeling drained. Mentally and physically. I feel like I am stuck in the house...

    So I am now starting to try look for some sub teacher to help. But licensing said I cannot have regular staff which they cannot work in here for more than 30 days. (I am in home multi age)... So I am thinking to switch to multi age. But I think I cannot keep opening my doors more than 2 years, I m thinking to close the door in about a year or 1.5 years. I am so guilty and embarrassed. Have anyone experienced this feeling or knowing anyone with the similar feeling?
    I comment on some members' posts about closing but I think they have already left the field so that they might not coming back to their accounts anymore so afraid they wouldn't see my comments.

    Thank you so much everyone!

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    The rules about subs vary province to province. Here, we can have a sub, or another helper, but we cannot increase our numbers with extra adults. In Canada, if you determine someone's work location (your day home/house), their hours of work (based on your scheduled need for a sub), the tasks they perform in their job, then they are your employee. That then brings into play Labor Standards rules including paying them at least min wage, CPP contributions etc. I don't make min wage after expenses so bringing in a sub costs me more than the day care pays so I'm running at a loss every hour I pay them. It's not viable.

    I think many feel that "being your own boss" means only accountable to yourself but it's never been true. When you are self employed, every single customer you have is your boss and has expectations and demands.

    It's is a hard decision. I have been open since 2007 and this year, I'm at the end too I think. I will go for interviews, and if and when I get a job that I want to have, then I will give notice and close.

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    Hi I just purchased land and got approved for building a new facility in kitimat. Just putting out feelers for how tough finding employees will be, if you think you might be looking next summer I will be providing and building free accommodation to any employees (A new 2 bd 2 bath house is already built) 2 more will be built. Food for thought.

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