I have read some posts saying people are closing their daycare within a year. I am wondering how long would be the time period that you can decide that you are not in this field anymore?

I have worked in centers for about two years, I thought I would love to open my own daycare, and this was my dream. So finally I opened one in the beginning of this year. But everything just not as i thought. I am very helpless by working by myself with my 3 years old son with me. I always heard previous daycare owners said being home working alone is not a good thing, but I thought I can make it because I love being my own boss. So now has been 6 months, I became a impatient ece and mom because of all these... I am burnt out! Even tho I have good parents and children, I am still feeling drained. Mentally and physically. I feel like I am stuck in the house...

So I am now starting to try look for some sub teacher to help. But licensing said I cannot have regular staff which they cannot work in here for more than 30 days. (I am in home multi age)... So I am thinking to switch to multi age. But I think I cannot keep opening my doors more than 2 years, I m thinking to close the door in about a year or 1.5 years. I am so guilty and embarrassed. Have anyone experienced this feeling or knowing anyone with the similar feeling?
I comment on some members' posts about closing but I think they have already left the field so that they might not coming back to their accounts anymore so afraid they wouldn't see my comments.

Thank you so much everyone!