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    Payment question

    I got a question from someone who might send her child to my small daycare in September and I don't know how to answer her. "Also regarding corona, in case you have to close would we still pay the entire month? How does that work?" What would you answer?

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    The answer will depend on what provinace you are in.

    In Ontario - home daycares where never mandated to close. you could have stayed open this whole time, which means you can reopen when you are comfortable doing so.

    Currently in Ontario there is a temporary no-payment order in place. This means if a client keeps their child home due to covid-19 they don't have to pay. it is illgal for you to ask them to pay. It is also illgal for you to terminate care due to their lack of payment while keeping their child home.

    Currently the no-payment order is set to be revoked on June 9th, however it can be extended again.

    UPDATE: The no-payment order was revoked on June 12th. Daycares can not charge as per their contracts.
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    Corona mess all things up

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    If I have to close it will be because I am ill myself or because of a positive result in the day home. If it's me, then I get 5 paid sick days a year and so will use them and then use vacation days for the rest. If I have to close due to being forced to, then fees will apply.

    I closed for 3 months because no one wanted to come and forgave the fees for that so I've been more than generous as it was their choice to stay away. Now everything is back open, the contracts will be followed.

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