Does anyone homeschool their children while providing child care?
(*note, by homeschooling I am referring to the authentic home schooling and not the remote learning by the school boards*)
I am looking for input as to how you manage your children's school work/lessons and also operating a daycare business. What does your schedule look like? How do you involve your daycare children in your kids homeschooling? How do you involve your children in the daycare? Any other tips and advice would be great!

Back story: I am seriously contemplating pulling my kids from the traditional school system and diving into homeschooling. I am not interested in the online/virtual remote learning offered by the school board, that won't work for us.
It is evident that the school boards, teachers, and health departments are all on different pages when it comes to how to deal with the kids and minor/major illness or symptoms. They do not have a plan to continue a child's education at home while they are quarantined. Missing 2 weeks of school is a lot! With the possibility of being quarantined for one reason or another (and my daycare being closed as a result) I am looking at homeschooling.