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    One year old, cries all the time...what to do

    What do other DC providers do with a one year old who cries all the time. I've been doing DC for over 34 years, encountered all kinds of issues and most resolve pretty quick.
    This wee one, she cries all day for hours...nothing I do pacifies her unless I'm holding her. And to boot, she naps about 50 minutes all day (9 hour day here).
    Her parents say they don't hold her, they let her cry it out, and that she sleeps for hours for them. My experience is that they may be "fudging" that a bit lol.
    They've also got it where she goes to bed with a soother, blankie, stuffy and all kinds of stuff....think that may be part of the problem, when she wakes up and is missing one of them at the other end of the crib, she just loses her mind.
    As you can well understand, 50 minutes is not near long enough for a nap for a one year old.
    Any suggestions that you've found works...I've been trying for over 6 weeks on a part time basis, and when she's happy, she's super happy, but when she's not, all she wants to do is be held or crawl up my leg lol....Other kids here are not liking this at all lol.
    TIA...have a good day everyone....

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    I'd give them notice. I'm sorry but I would.
    It's a group care situation and after 6 weeks if she's not adjusting, she's unlikely too. I know each province is different but here we can't have anything that can't be sanitized every use and bedding has to be laundered at least every two days. The bed full of toys, blankies, soothers are a thing of the past in a pandemic. Children who are part time struggle to adjust because they are in a constant state of change. Home to day care, day care to home, no wonder so many kids have anxiety these days with no routine. They have no idea what to expect each morning when it switches endlessly.
    But at the end of the day, I have a responsibility to all my children and when one child is taking the majority of my time and effects that's unfair. It's to be expected initially but it the transition isn't progressing, it's time to go.

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