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    Advice for child having a tough time

    Hi, I could really use some insight/advice. I have owned a daycare for 8 years. A particular little guy has been with my for over 3 now and although it has been rough with the parents, he has always been happy here.He will be 5 years old in July. Last week he started crying a lot for his mother, a first. It went on every day of the week. I tried every single trick in my hat and nothing worked. Today he cried from 8-12. Of course I have been speaking with his mom about this since it started. Today I let her know that if at naptime I couldnt get him to settle, i would ask her to pick him up. The child didnt eat, he has been crying and screaming, we had to come inside and the other kids have really been lacking my attention because it is all on him. Mom is MAD at me for this request. She told me it is my job to deal with this and she cant leave work for this. Is it wrong of me to ask this? mind you I tried EVERYTHING. This family has been difficult for so many reasons, not paying, late pick up every day, not following covid rules because "they dont believe in covid", being mad at me for following covid regulations...etc... etc.. im not sure how to deal with this anymore and would LOVE your input.

    ETA: I assume part of the issue is he is missing time with his mom. She is working all the time and on top of work has many little projects. she told me she doesnt see him often but at home obviously i have no control.
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