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Thread: My story

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    My story

    Hello everyone, what apps do you use for your iOS? I know that this support system has many cool and useful applications, I would like to use them too, but I donít know which one.

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    I have been using the Apple technique for many years and am in constant contact with it. It happens for days I sit at my MacBook laptop and work. While working, I start to open a lot of files and the mess begins. I was looking for an application that will help me control everything on the desktop and not create a mess, I found an application, SheetPlanner. It is a Combination of a task manager, scheduling tool, calendar and project management platform.

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    Hello! Actually, a lot of apps on IOS are not free. I use a lot of mobile applications. My favorite app is restaurant table reservation app cause I work as a mobile app developer and sometimes I do not have time for cooking. So I have to order food from the nearest restaurant.

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