Nepalís grandest and longest festival is held every year in June of the Nepalese calendar (from September to October in the Gregorian calendar), with a national holiday of 10-15 days. Just like the Chinese New Year, the whole country is celebrated with great excitement. "Desai" means "tenth". This festival is said to have magnetism with the Indian epic "Ramayan". In the epic, Rama defeated the King Raksha on the tenth day with the help of the mother goddess of Difficulty. During Nepali Dasain, there are many specialties such as "setting holy pots" and "taking god flowers". It is difficult for people to sacrifice animals to sacrifice to the mother goddess. The night of the ninth day is called the "Night of the Desai Festival", and the tenth day is called the "Tenth Day of Victory".

It is also known as Bara Dashain and Vijaya. There are 15 days of festivals and 7 days of national holidays. On the third day of the holiday, the army held an animal slaughter (cattle, sheep) ceremony in the square near the old palace. On the 4th day (Vijaya Dashami on Tokachi Day), the king and queen lit up reds for Nigerian officials, people and foreigners in the palace.