Waterloo Dance is a great place to come and discover the joy of dance!
Latin is danced everywhere: in clubs, restaurants, at city parties. The courses teach bachata, salsa, kizomba and other directions. Latin American dances improve muscle tone, correct the figure and develop plasticity.
Even beginners without special training will be able to master the first type. It is enough to learn basic movements and add elements of improvisation. Ballroom dancing requires good physical fitness and a clear, rhythmic execution of all elements. Inexperienced people can also do it, but first they will have to learn to control their body, hone plastic surgery and be patient.
Waterloo Dance is a great place to come and discover the joy of dance!
Modern choreography involves the ability to dance to any rhythms: from incendiary Latin and club disco to sensual chillout.
Hearing the rhythm and keeping the pace is very important for a dancer. The training session offers effective training in simple steps and hip movements. The elements are great for warming up before classes, relieve tightness and muscle tension, liberate movements, prepare the body for a dance load.
Flexibility and plasticity are like a voice: they can be given from birth or developed by exercises. Good plasticity gives the movements lightness and grace, allowing you to perform dance steps without strain and effort. The video shows a special complex for plastic training. It is recommended to include exercises in the warm-up before classes or to perform them yourself.