Wooden barrels
Alcohol aged in a barrel has a unique taste and is not comparable to the products of modern mass production. How to understand which barrel is right for you?
When choosing a barrel, the main role is played by the wood from which it is made. It can be a variety of wood (acacia, beech, cherry, chestnut, cedar, linden, juniper, aspen, mulberry, ash). However, oak is best suited for winemaking. Its wood is very dense and contains tannins, which give the drink an unsurpassed taste, color and aroma.
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But there are also different oaks. In cooperage, rock, Serbian, Limousin (French), Slavonian, American, Caucasian, Russian and Ukrainian varieties are most often used. The leading positions are occupied by Slavonian oak, French oak from Limousin, as well as American and Caucasian.
The barrel "Standard" is one of the most inexpensive barrels for winemaking and moonshine. Suitable for storage, aging and transportation of wine, beer, kvass and low-alcohol beverages. However, if you add oak chips during aging, it will also be suitable for stronger drinks (moonshine, cognac, calvados).
The barrel is made of natural oak by the method of "correct" sawing. Chemicals are not used in the manufacture, which makes it possible to consider these barrels an environmentally friendly product.
The service life of the product with proper care is up to 15 years.
The hoops are made of stainless steel, which does not corrode and does not require special storage conditions.
The container is burnt from the inside, the degree of firing is weak. This contributes to the gradual release of tannins into the drink. For example, white wine during aging will acquire a honey or straw color, red - more burgundy. Due to the weak roasting, light notes of vanilla, ripe fruits and flowers appear in the taste of the aged drink.
Soaking the barrel takes from two weeks to a month, this is due to the material and method of manufacture.
The manufacturer produces two types of barrels: with and without external waxing. When buying, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the product in order to choose the necessary copy.