This is quite good, but you'll end up running out of inventory space or time for terrorbirds before you can do this is possible OSRS Gold. Perhaps you have just monks in your inventory, but it appears that B2P are enough at 80 defense, but the terrorbird might be beneficial I suppose, play around with it.

It's fairly profitable to kill especially with falador shield 4. Instead, go with the terrorbird to ensure it engages with the mole every single time. What happens is that the terrorbird is likely to move in the course of the mole even in the event of digging, offering you a fantastic idea exactly where it could be.

The terrorbird also allows the player to run forever (with its scrolls) which is a massive helm. If you're ranging use a general ran setup of Dragonhide as well as some Prayer or Defence bonuses mixed into (Helm or Nietiznot for example). I would suggest diamond or ruby bolts (e) are the best to choose. If you're meleeing whip/chaotic rapier and the ddp/claws. If you're meleeing, bring proselyte armour to preserve the prayer pots and make use of faith-based piety.

To melee, could guthans , a super set and barrows gloves be beneficial? I was playing with the range set up (rune plate granite shied, other than just d run) and it didn't hit more often, so I decided that barrows gloves Buy OSRS Fire Cape, guthans and some super sets could be really useful and id make money quicker cause id not have to use diamonds or food as much?