I will alch all rune items cheap OSRS gold (limbs bars, limbs, 2h, kitshield, sq shield full helm, mid-helm) Aviansies: I will take away the adamant bars. I will all alch runite daggers and limps. Keep in mind that avies' addy bars are too common and daggers or limps aren't all that common . Irons drops, however, are rarest of all and even some that resemble vissies aren't as common, but worth a lot higher than avies typical drops. Any other suggestions or info will be greatly appreciated and gratefully received.

Personally, I'd suggest the Karamja dungeonwhich is located close to the Tz-Haar region. There's an array of possibilities for this It is possible to mash them right there using a standard weapon, food, and a bunyip in the event that you are able. You could also halberd them from a safe place, or range them from a safe area and make it food-free.

You can also choose the cannon, which you can test as a stand-alone item, or in conjunction with any of the above. Of the course, there's other areasto consider, but I'd suggest this particular area without hesitation. I just realized that the title states greaters, but the text refers to less.

If the job is greaters, then my only choice is the dungeon in brimhaven. You can choose any of these options however you will have to battle the terror dogs, too. There aren't a number of great options for larger dogs (no implied) However, you must continue to fight regardless of the situation

The best way to start the process of learning Farming skills would be to go on quests. You can quickly climb to 35 in Farming levels with simple quests. Simply look over which tasks are likely to earn you the highest reward and which ones you'll be able complete and go for it to get a fast and effective approach to beginning your training.

If questing is not your style or rs3 gold you can't complete quests for any reason, you might be interested in checking out Bird Houses situated on Fossil Island. In order to do this, you'll have to complete a few quests, like Bone Voyage, that requires 100 Kudos in the Varrock Museum.