So heres what I'm going to do. I did some of RuneScape gold the Math last night So it's probably altered a bit. I will be ending with around 120k or so of Gold Ore at the time I hit 99. I'm not quite sure where I'm currently, but it doesn't matter. So that will get me 80-95 Smithing. In the next few years, I'll need 75k or more or so of Gold Ore worth 99. Based on the cost of Bars and Ores, I'll earn 11M profit because I extracted it all, so there should be zero chance of losing money, right? I'm posting using my iPod, so it won't be impossible to determine the figures.

Perhaps this made a bit of sense. The main concern was the Math part, because I was snoring haha. In essence, I calculated the amount of ore that 99 Mining mines, as well as calculating the amount of it would cost in. Approx. 26M or about 26M.

Then what was the amount of bars I'd need to create for 99 Smithing and the sum that would be required. Approx. 27M or so. I'll require around 75,000 Gold ore in 95-99, that's like 16M. If I can sell all bars that's 28M that's 11-12M dollars in profit. I believe this to be accurate, however it was a little confusing when I'm trying to think of it all in my head.

In addition, I was exhausted since it was around 4:30AM. In addition, I didn't think about the potential value of the difference if I were to sell the Gold ore at the start rather than use it for training Smithing and that could have was more confusing for me.

It's not the best method but it's what I've done and it works. It's also reasonably priced in the event that you are doing it right The result is that I earn profit on every trip (not significantly, but it's still profit). Black dragonhide top/legs (I normally use what's left on my prayer point to take out Ahrim but if , for whatever reason I'm not able to cheap OSRS GP get PP while fighting Ah it's the Black dragonhide is helpful.)