Four weeks in my time, I'm at 0-4 choosing Washington games, and 0-4 picking Saints games. They are the two NFL teams that Madden 22 coins I have totally failed to pick this season. If math is not your thing, then it means that I am 0-8 picking these two teams combined. It's not possible considering that I'm 41-15 in picking games with thirty other teams besides Washington and New Orleans.

Since the day I set out to convince people that "Smurfs 2 was a solid film" I've never been so wrong about any other thing. There's a spoiler warning! It's not a great movie. It's certainly not as good as the original "Smurfs" movie. If you love movies about tiny blue folks This is an all-time beloved film.

It's getting out of control with all the mistakes. For instance, in Week 4 I decided on the Saints to beat the Giants and they blew an 11-point lead during the final seven minutes. Washington was my choice and I chose to fall to the Falcons. They did win in spite of being down by eight points with four minutes remaining. No matter what I predict It will always be incorrect. If I had forecasted that the Saints would defeat Washington by 47 points this week but they would be beaten by Washington by 74 points.

Since the opposite of what I'm expecting to happen is what always seems to occur in the games between these two teams this year, I've decided that I'll take into consideration that and I'm going to make predictions that are opposite of what I predict will occur. Though my gut was telling me to pick the Saints, I decided to ignore it and go with Washington. The week before, I tried the exact same method with the Chargers and was 0-3 picking their games heading into Week 4 -- and it was successful. I'm no longer losing choosing Chargers games.

Washington is my preference. If they lose, I will remain in my room with the "Smurfs" DVD. I will not ever come out of that space except to eat food and buy mut coins use the bathroom.