New gameplay footage of Horizon Forbidden West running on PS4 Pro doesn't arrive at the highs of the PS5 form, but the older hardware still figures out how to showcase the beautfy of Guerrilla Games' latest. The studio recently unveiled screenshots of Horizon Forbidden West's PS4 iteration and, in this manner, made it clear the perfect open-world would retain its luster regardless of platform.

Announced during Sony's PlayStation 5 uncover event in June 2020, Horizon Forbidden West at first seemed as though it would send off as a next-gen hardware restrictive. The distributer later cleared the air by affirming a PS4 build, which left a few PS5 proprietors wondering whether the cross-gen nature of the title would hold back the continuation's general potential. Game Director Mathijs de Jonge allayed such worries last year, uncovering the development team didn't actually take hardware limitations into consideration while building the adventure. Rather, the team principally focused its efforts on crafting a remarkable Horizon experience for both PlayStation consoles. Fortunately, the wait for the adventure's release is almost at an end.

Guerrilla Games' Studio Director and Executive Producer Angie Smets took to the PlayStation Blog to share new footage of Horizon Forbidden West in real life on the PS4 Pro, which was later shared to YouTube by PlayStation Asia. Obviously, the graphical quality does not arrive at the incredibly high bar set by the PS5's unrivaled hardware, yet the last-gen gameplay is nothing short of stunning. Forbidden West's environments seem vibrant and beautifully colored, the draw distance could put some PS5 titles to disgrace, and the enhancements warrant a round of praise all their own.

As recently promised by developers, it appears as though Horizon Forbidden West will dazzle on PS4 and PS5, but, obviously, the genuine test will come when the action-adventure title at long last enters the hands of people in general. It appears to be far-fetched that PS4 clients will endure too greatly in not having the latest Sony console, as titles like The Last of Us Part 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn are still noteworthy looking, even on older hardware. With the game's release right around the corner, fans don't have too long to wait until they can encounter Aloy's next adventure hands-on.

Initially scheduled for a late 2021 send off, Horizon Forbidden West was postponed by a while to give developers more opportunity to completely figure out the anxiously anticipated insight. The release window appears to be fitting, though, considering that the spin-off will hit store retires just 10 days short of Horizon Zero Dawn's five-year commemoration. Thus, Horizon fans can expect to celebrate by diving much deeper into the mysterious science fiction world.