A fan of God of War and the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West has imagined game DLC that puts Aloy in the shoes of Kratos, showing off impressive concept art for their thought. The two games are presently at the front line of players' minds thanks to the February release date of Horizon Forbidden West, as well as the new PC release of God of War.

The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West will continue the story of protagonist Aloy in an all-new experience. Facing off against new machines in a post-whole-world destroying world loaded up with risk and danger, Forbidden West as of late went gold, and is on target to make its February 18 launch on both PS4 and PS5. The game isn't the just highly-expected PlayStation sequel to come this year, as God of War Ragnarök is also expected to launch sometime in 2022. While the last option hasn't yet gotten a solid release date from Santa Monica Studio, it's probably trusted the game will be out before the year's end, despite God of War Ragnarök previously being deferred once.











Blending the worlds of God of War and Horizon Forbidden West, Redditor TurfMerkin has shared a gander at their thought for God of War DLC, which sees Aloy show up in Kratos-like stuff. The concept art shows an imposing looking Aloy with Kratos' recognizable red markings and protective layer inspired by Kratos' latest Norse experience. Aloy is even shown sporting a Leviathan-like weapon, replacing the bow and bolt she's known for in the Horizon games. The impressive concept art teases what such a crossover could resemble should developers Guerrilla Games and Santa Monica Studio choose to make crossover DLC.

While an official partnership between Horizon Forbidden West and God of War presumably isn't reasonable because of the totally different stories and game worlds, both Aloy and Kratos have appeared in Fortnite. However it's not by and large the DLC thought shown by the Redditor, the Sony skins and bundles for Fortnite means the pair have been featured together in a game, but one without the story-driven and enthusiastic narratives seen in the characters' main adventures.

Official God of War DLC starring Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy is possible nothing in excess of a fan dream, yet with the game sequels set to be two of the biggest releases of the year, it's easy to see the reason why TurfMerkin would need to imagine such a DLC crossover. As fans gear in the mood for upcoming battles against new Forbidden West enemies like the Slitherfang, others are experiencing their first time with Kratos and Atreus on PC. It's a fun opportunity to be a fan of both - or either - of the PlayStation titans, and with Sony prepared to dominate exclusive releases in 2022, there's probably considerably more crossover fan art on the way.