The authority strategy guide for Horizon: Forbidden West is currently accessible to pre-request, and it features 40 different mechanical enemies for Aloy to chase, fight, and even ride. One of the most essential elements of 2017's Horizon: Zero Dawn was the numerous mechanical creatures that meander the post-prophetically calamitous open universe of The Claim, from the small, raptor-like Watchers to the towering Tallnecks that players can move on and tame with Aloy's convenient Override capacity. Every one of these foes comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, including flimsy parts that are defenseless against specific basic effects like Burn or Corruption.

The forthcoming sequel Horizon: Forbidden West promises to take players past the ruins of the United States that served as the scenery for Zero Dawn, bringing with it the possibility of seeing fascinating new foe types on top of the returning creatures from the first game. These incorporate monstrous boss-like beasts such as Forbidden West's new corrosive spewing Slitherfang snake and amphibious machines that will follow Aloy submerged thanks to Horizon: Forbidden West's new submerged transversal system. Guerilla Games has also promised that the foe AI from Horizon: Zero Dawn will be worked on in Forbidden West, making these mechanical foes even more imposing for Aloy.

Fortunately players will have help in bringing these beasts down, as Game Rant reports that Gurilla Games and gaming guide publisher Future Press are releasing a strategy guide for Horizon: Forbidden West. This new game guide, which is currently accessible to pre-request on Amazon UK, claims that Forbidden West will highlight up to "40+ unpredictably designed machines that stalk the Forbidden West." These are said to incorporate new foes like Clawstriders, Bristlebacks, and Burrowers on top of returning enemies from Zero Dawn like Chargers and Snapmaws. In comparison, Horizon: Zero Dawn highlighted 27 different automated enemies, remembering those found for the Frozen Wilds DLC that was released in November 2017.

As was the case with Horizon: Zero Dawn, the machines are a long way from the main peril Aloy will go over in Forbidden West. Late story trailers for Horizon: Forbidden West element the previous outcast engaging against a dangerous revolutionary clan residing in the nominal Forbidden West, one that stands among her and uncovering reality behind a mysterious virus undermining the world. Aloy will have a lot of options in bringing this large number of new enemies down, as Horizon: Forbidden West is adding new weapons, a redid skirmish battle system, and a stretching skill tree that allows players to use six distinct playstyles in Horizon: Forbidden West.

Guerrilla Games has promised to give Horizon: Zero Dawn fans a greater amount of what they adored with regards to the first game in Horizon: Forbidden West, including a diverse exhibit of visually stunning automated creatures that will either assault or assist Aloy on her excursion across the untamed universe of the Forbidden West. Players should anticipate a long excursion when Horizon: Forbidden West releases in February, as ongoing reports have guaranteed that the game will take "several hundred hours" to completely finish.