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    Quote Originally Posted by Waneta View Post
    Sorry for bumping...just my two cents...
    I bought my Emily the Ikea round lime green table with 4 matching chairs https://wisepick.org/best-baby-activity-center/ (lilac & green) almost 18 months ago. They are terrific. We have sat round the table (DH & I) for dinners and breakfast numerous times. I also use it to reach the high places sometimes! The chairs are very sturdy as long as you assemble them firmly & correctly. Also, because they are made of durable plastic, they are very easy to clean and I don't have to be paranoid about spills, texta marks etc. The edge of the table also has a lip that stops small spills flowing onto the floor/carpet.

    So far, everyone who has kids who has seen our table set has gone off to buy one. They are a little pricey (esp if you buy the whole set), but it's worth the investment as DD plays/draws/eats on it everyday.

    The downside is that because the legs are so large, a whole ensemble with the round table can take up quite a lot of space. So if you're putting it in DD's bedroom, might be better of buying the rectangular table and only 2 chairs.

    Good luck!
    I guess, OP was talking about different type of chairs and tables.
    Back to the topic, I've seen a lot of home daycares with Ikea tables. I own a lot of Ikea stuff and can't say enough about the strength and longevity. My main issue with those tables is that they are too small for me. I ended up getting a table from Discount School Supply and it is extremely solid (more so than anything I've ever seen). I can even stand on it!

    This Ikea table is super cute though! I really like the chairs that go with it too.

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    If you are talking about the best chair for a child, I can advise you of the recliner for kid. This is a great place for a child to rest after studying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alihoward View Post
    If you are talking about the best chair for a child, I can advise you of the recliner for kid. This is a great place for a child to rest after studying.
    Hi alihoward,
    Please can you suggest me best chair for 2 years old baby? I want to buy as soon as possible.

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