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    Quote Originally Posted by Waneta View Post
    Sorry for bumping...just my two cents...
    I bought my Emily the Ikea round lime green table with 4 matching chairs https://wisepick.org/best-baby-activity-center/ (lilac & green) almost 18 months ago. They are terrific. We have sat round the table (DH & I) for dinners and breakfast numerous times. I also use it to reach the high places sometimes! The chairs are very sturdy as long as you assemble them firmly & correctly. Also, because they are made of durable plastic, they are very easy to clean and I don't have to be paranoid about spills, texta marks etc. The edge of the table also has a lip that stops small spills flowing onto the floor/carpet.

    So far, everyone who has kids who has seen our table set has gone off to buy one. They are a little pricey (esp if you buy the whole set), but it's worth the investment as DD plays/draws/eats on it everyday.

    The downside is that because the legs are so large, a whole ensemble with the round table can take up quite a lot of space. So if you're putting it in DD's bedroom, might be better of buying the rectangular table and only 2 chairs.

    Good luck!
    I guess, OP was talking about different type of chairs and tables.
    Back to the topic, I've seen a lot of home daycares with Ikea tables. I own a lot of Ikea stuff and can't say enough about the strength and longevity. My main issue with those tables is that they are too small for me. I ended up getting a table from Discount School Supply and it is extremely solid (more so than anything I've ever seen). I can even stand on it!

    This Ikea table is super cute though! I really like the chairs that go with it too.

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    If you are talking about the best chair for a child, I can advise you of the recliner for kid. This is a great place for a child to rest after studying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alihoward View Post
    If you are talking about the best chair for a child, I can advise you of the recliner for kid. This is a great place for a child to rest after studying.
    Hi alihoward,
    Please can you suggest me best chair for 2 years old baby? I want to buy as soon as possible.

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    Ikea chairs and table set was really wonderful. My cousin also bought the set for his elder son, https://thelittletoes.com/best-baby-activity-table/ It's Ikea's Blue Chair set. The good thing is it's very much affordable, light weight and the height of this set is very suitable to his age. but yeah same time because of it's light weight it can easily slip out
    I myself believe to not purchase much expensive products for kids as they can't be use for much longer. So Have you find any one suitable so far? let us know

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