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    Closing early one day for health procedure (but not taking a day off)

    Hi all, I am a 60-year-old who looks after 4 young children. I try to appear young and energetic, but I have to have angioplasty on Thursday due to newly diagnosed heart disease, which hopefully will not affect my ability to work. I am not telling the parents that I am going to be having this procedure, as I am able to do it after pick-up, with recovery over the weekend. I did ask the parents to come on time to pick up and one of the parents to come half an hour earlier than usual (as her child stays later). That parent is giving me a very hard time. I feel very private about my health and don't want to discuss why she has to come early. At the beginning of the year, I told her that I would need her to pick up at regular time some days. I feel so bad because I don't want to fight with the mom. Any suggestions?

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    1) you don't have to tell them ANYTHING about your personal life. Its none of their business.
    2) if the client is giving you a hard time, would there be a possibility that they NOT respect the fact you are closing early and pick up at their normal time? if so, call in sick (at least to this client). You can't risk being late to the appointment.
    3) I would also from now on tell them "I am closing early on X day" If they say anything let them know that its not up to discussion (their are your clients, and not your boss). If they say anything else, let them know you can replace them with someone who will respect your business hours.
    4) I hope you are charging her late fees for being late.

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    You are entitled to have time to look after your health. They are not entitled to your personal information. It doesn't matter why you need time off - every single working adult needs to take time off on occassion.

    Based on how your client group reacted to this news, I would also be concerned they were going to play games and just show up at their regular times. If it we me, I'd close the whole day and refund the fees for the day. It's just too important to be in a situation where you need to leave and they have not turned up for their child. Alternatively, is there a back up adult who you would consider having in your home if someone is late? Again, I would not advertise this option to your client's but I would consider having that Plan B in place and if a parent is not there when they should be, you can call, and let them know you are going to your appointment as scheduled and that someone else is there looking after the child they failed to be on time for.

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    I have one child that is picked up 15 min after I officially close. This is in their contract, and doesn’t cost extra (they drop off later and other perks). They have also been much later on occasion. So if I have an appointment, lesson, etc, I tell them they need to be on time, or that I am closing early, and they either take off work or get a grandparent to pick up.

    In your case, I would tell the parent you have an appointment to get to, and if they can’t pick up early that day, you will need to close for the whole day.

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    Your personal health is your business only. I have told parents I had a medical appointment etc. to emphasize the need to pickup early or on time, and so I didn't get backlash for frivolous reasons to close early.
    I would ask them to have their emergency pickup person be there to retrieve the child if they cannot be there on time.

    Are you sure, you don't want to give yourself more time to recover? After a procedure like that, I don't think I'd be back in business by Monday.

    If they give you resistance, I'd start looking for new clients.

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    You got good advice from the other posters and I do agree to start putting up ads for a new client if any resistance. Good Luck and Good Health too.

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