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    $10 dollar a day , how it will affect Home Daycares?!

    I am so infuriated in not only reading that ONLY licensed daycares are , "more affordable reliable child care enables you to go to work with peace of mind, knowing your children are growing and flourishing in safe environments that support learning, development and well-being"
    Also ONLY offering only licensed daycares "10.00 a day" for parents, when if you remember Doug Ford closed those daycares and asked for home daycares to remain open for the Front line workers during the early days of Covid. If we were that important then, why are we not now?!
    My question is what is going to happen to Home daycares when they actually offer $10.00 a day for licensed daycares? Are we going to be obsolete? Is no one concerned about home daycares being pushed out? I've worked as a teacher in licensed facilities and I know first hand how children are not given more personal care and are not nurtured like at home daycares. They are more like a number.

    Tell me your thoughts please for all you Home Daycare providers who are alarmed about this business deal? Children are not a business it is more of a caring act in nurturing and helping a child flourish in a home like atmosphere. Yes it is a business but not like these huge establishments. Children are not meant to be a number! IF the government truly cared about the families they would include Home Daycares too!
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