Few people know that today the waste paper trade is a business area that has long reached the global level. The reason for this was the need to process waste, which, due to its properties and characteristics, can be recycled. Recycling is a real way out of a situation that has already become catastrophic. After all, the volume of garbage is growing, landfills are increasing in size. Something needs to be done about this. Therefore, the sphere of trade in the same waste paper is developing very quickly today. Of course, there are problems in this area as well. In particular, demand exceeds supply. The number of processing enterprises is increasing every year. They all need recycled materials, but, alas, there is not enough of them, because it is difficult for sellers to enter the recycled market. Today, such sellers are assisted by waste brokers. They also help customers. But not all sellers and not all buyers have yet understood how profitable it is to work with a broker.