Tiggy - Free Grocery Delivery in 15 Minutes in Canada
"Tiggy" is your convenient guide in the field of food.
Shopping in the online store "Tiggy" of products is a great alternative for those who work a lot and do not have the opportunity to spend time going to supermarkets. Caring mothers whose day is so full that there is no opportunity to spend time choosing fresh food for the family and just busy people — we work for you by offering products in the online supermarket "Tiggy". Buying eco-friendly products is not only a modern trend, but a necessity.
Tiggy is free 15-minute grocery delivery with great retail prices and exceptional customer service in Canada https://blog.tiggy.ca/
Our online supermarket "Tiggy" offers only delicious, healthy, environmentally friendly and natural food for your family, as well as related products.
In our catalog there are organic food products and other food that can be bought in Canada, and we also have the following categories:
various types of sausages and sausages, among which there are products from leading manufacturers and our own production;
all popular types of high-quality and healthy meat;
huge selection of fish and seafood;
frozen goods that are easy to reheat;
extensive selection of dairy products and bio-products;
different types of cheeses;
a large selection of fresh vegetables and herbs;
you can buy organic fruits and berries in a wide range;
delicious bakery products;
ready-made dishes that do not require additional preparation;
tobacco and alcohol products;
products for vegans;
chocolate and sweets in the assortment;
fresh pastries and cookies that melt in your mouth;
sweet and plain water, carbonated drinks;
jams and jams;
soft drinks and juices;
various types of pasta, cereals, flour;
a large selection of sauces and spices;
canned food: meat and fish;
many brands of tea and coffee.
As you can see, our catalog can offer everything you need for your family. It is here at Tiggy that you can buy quality products at an affordable price.