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    Is it possible to sell a house on your own?

    Of course you can go to a real estate agent. I know about the commissions and how the whole procedure goes approximately. But I wondered if it is realistic to do it myself?

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    It's not that bad. the agent's payment comes from the house, not your pocket. I'd get the agent, they will tick off all the needed boxes and will get your house sold faster. They'll tell you what to do and what to look out for. But you can also try it yourself, it's not forbidden.

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    Don't let the commissions scare you. They are paid on the value of the house, not separately to the agent. But if you still want to try to figure out how to sell your house fast by owner, I can tell you that there are two options. First - you yourself bring the house in order, take pictures and put it up for sale. and then all the paperwork and other details will also be on you. The second is to sell the house to a real estate company. Read more about each option and choose.

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