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    Before/After School Care

    I have been runnning my dayhome for almost a year now but do not currently take children for before/after school care. My son starts kindergarten in the fall and I have been considering going to just before and after school care since there seems to be a need in my area. If you do take children for before/after school are you picking them up at school or at the bus stop? There are no schools within walking distance where I live so I would need to transport children to and from school and not sure how this would work or if I really want to do that. I definitely don't want to be picking children up from school if I need to transport infants/toddlers with me. Is there anyone who does before/after school care full time? How has it been working out? And any idea what to charge for this type of care, (I live in Calgary). I have seen people posting $15/day but I am pretty sure it is more like $30 here.

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    First question as I am Calgary also is the kindergarten only half days(there are a few that do full days but most are half)? If you are talking full days so only doing B/A for that most of us charge a monthly rate and it depends on the area in Calgary you are in. I've seen anywhere between 300-500 and than wether you included PD days, school breaks, in that. I charge 400 and included PD days one week at Christmas and one week in the Spring. Then the summer is 35 a day. If you are talking half day care as in kindergarten lots of people charge there full time rate so anywhere between 600-800 also depending on your area.

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    I'm in Ottawa so it might not apply but I have full time kids and before and after school kids. I was able to add a bus stop in front of my door as i had two school kids and three neighbours attending the same school. The first year I was able to get a spot on the bus for both as they were in pre-kindergarden and kindergaden but the second year I had to wait to see if their was leftover spots on the bus as my first grader was considered in the walking distance (like you would allow a 6 year old to walk to school!!!!!). I charge 20$ per day for before and after school care.

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