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    Before and after school PD days

    I'm looking towards offering before and after school care (for 2 kids) and was wondering about PD days. Am I expected to look after them all day long if they have PD days, what's the concensus on that?


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    Generally yes .... I care for my before and after on all school holidays and pd days and the summer as his parent is not a teacher ....

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    I would agree with crayola: you can't expect the parent to have you for before and after school and then another babysitter for PD days and holidays.

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    When I did before and after school I had two sets of parents who didn't need me for PD days.....BUT I think that will depend on each parent and whether they have the flexibility to take the day off or not.
    I would expect it will be something that most parents would need but not all. Some families have grandparents or someone else who takes the kids on PD days or they make playdates with a friend etc

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    Unless you have other part time kids that come later in the morning and go home just after lunch then the school age kids are taking one of your five spaces anyways. Which means you might as well get paid for PD days, school breaks etc. Now whether you want them all summer is another issue and if you have mosty young ones it is ok to suggest to parents that they put the child into a summer camp but let them know right away that that is your plan since they need to register starting soon.

    I do know caregivers that have school aged for before and after but do not take them for PD or school breaks because they do have other part time kids that use the space from 9-3 while they are gone. Many parents use leave days to stay home with the kids and some facilities/museums/etc offer pd day programs they can use. As well some days they can get an older teen also on a PD day to help out although the days don't always coordinate.

    So answer is no you don't have to take them for PD days but you have to make that part of the conversation at the interview. If you are not planning to take them for any full days is it really worth your while to give away two of your 5 spaces to a child only there for a couple hours a day.

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    Ya - here clients are paying for the space whether they occupy it for before and after or the full day so if I am open and offering program they are welcome to come.

    However I know people who offer before and after school care at a 'lesser fee' and than have another younger child who comes 9-3 so the space is 'occupied' during the day time and therefore the B&A children cannot come on PD or March Break or Summer closure unless the provider has 'space' open up for that child.

    Depends on what you want to offer and so forth just make it clear in your contract to clients what they are being offered and expected to pay for!
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